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Transcript of How to Make AI Generated Coloring Pages

Hey there. I'm Ben. I built ColorBliss to make coloring pages for my kids. And I'm here to share it with you. Let me give you a little demo. You can start off on the homepage here. If you don't have an account, you can go ahead and make a coloring page for free.

Creating a demo coloring page using AI

And one of my favorite prompts to use for AI generated coloring pages is to put a special character at an interesting place.

So for instance, let's try Princess Zelda. And let me think, where would I like Princess Zelda to be? How about at Niagara Falls? That should be interesting. I'll click on make my coloring sheet. It'll generate.

And once we have a demo of it here, what we'll be able to do is create an account and save the image to it. And then we can get in and I can show you how the rest of that works. So we have an interesting princess Zelda here with a big waterfall in the background. That's cool! I'll save that one.

Creating an account on ColorBliss

Let's go ahead and create an account. All you need to get started as an email address and a password. So enter that in and you'll be good to go! (Click here to create an account.)

If you ever need help you can always reach me at Ben at ColorBliss dot art. If you need help with anything, I read every email.

So I'm going to create an account - it's done!

Using to generate coloring pages

Let's see here. Let's make another one. You can see we're in the account now. We've got some free credits that we can use. So I, you know, I put a little demo here of Spider-Man at the grand canyon. Another thing we can do, that's interesting is creating images in a specific style.

Creating AI coloring pages in specific styles

So my kids like animals a lot, so we could do like a Turtle. This is kind of like a Mexican folk art style turtle and then maybe we could even make it as a Mandala. So let's see how that turns out. That should be kind of an interesting thing to color.

All right, the AI finished generating the coloring page and there we go! This turtle has a few too many legs. That's kind of funny. Let's try maybe one other thing I like to do, I like to do.A stained glass as a style is pretty fun. What if we do like a Penguin. At the. North pole. Stain glass.

We'll make it penguins. That's fun!

Generating AI Coloring Pages of Famous People

Let's try another one. Sometimes it's fun to do famous people. I've never done this before. Let's try Eddie Vedder at the grocery store and see what we get.

That should be fun.

Oh, I like these stained glass ones. Cause it creates like these big shapes for kids to do, which is easier for them to color. And then also kind of makes A more fun pattern. I like the Alebrije style because it's like more detailed. It's fun for me to color with the kids. And then I love doing famous people because it's like, okay, here's Eddie Vedder at the grocery store. Very happy. So you can see here. We used up all the free credits!

Earn free credits by sharing on social media!

One thing I've built into this is if you want to, you know, try out some more coloring pages you can use the share and earn feature. If you share on Twitter, if you share on Facebook. Each, place that you share you'll get three extra credits. So when you share ColorBliss on Twitter, you'll get three more credits and you'll share on Facebook you'll get three more credits. And then if you like what you're creating you can upgrade to unlimited images. It's $4.99 a month. You can get two months free if you sign up for a year. And all the images will show in your dashboard. You'll have access to them at any time. Once you create over like 30 you'll get a bunch of different pages you can go through to see.

To scroll back and forth. You can always click to upgrade to unlimited here. And another thing that's new and colorless as you can now. Send a gift subscription to somebody. So you can create a gift. You know, for, you know, maybe you're a grandparent.

You want to give it to your kids for your grandkids to use, or you want to give it to a teacher or something like that. So you can send a gift. And purchase it. Subscription for those people. And they'll get a nice email with a message from you. And instructions on how to set up their account.

That's pretty much it for ColorBliss. If you have any questions, like I said, you can always email me, [email protected]. If you have suggestions on how to make it better, I love to hear from you. Thanks for checking it out.

Using AI to generate coloring pages

As we step into a world where technology enhances every aspect of our lives, creativity and color are no exception. Embracing the new digital era are AI-generated coloring pages, a perfect blend of artificial intelligence and artistic expression. This burgeoning field offers an innovative spin on traditional coloring activities, adding a unique layer of intrigue and potential to coloring books worldwide.

Deep Dive into AI-Generated Coloring Pages

AI-generated coloring pages are creations of advanced AI models that can sketch out or generate a variety of coloring pages, ranging from simple animal shapes for kids to intricate mandalas for adults. AI doesn't just replicate the designs it's fed with, but it learns and creates new patterns and images. The integration of AI into the world of coloring brings together artistic fun, relaxation, and the cutting edge of technology, exemplifying the transformative power of AI in our everyday activities.

Children and the Charm of AI-Generated Coloring Pages

AI-generated coloring pages cater to a wide age group, from toddlers beginning to grasp crayons to adults seeking creative relaxation. For children, these coloring pages are not just an activity to pass time, but also an invaluable learning tool. They help improve motor skills, hand-eye coordination, color awareness, and stimulate creativity, all while keeping youngsters engaged with fun designs and their favorite characters.

Adults and the Appeal of AI-Generated Coloring Pages

Adults, too, find immense value in AI-generated coloring pages. The sophisticated patterns provide a therapeutic escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, fostering a sense of calm and relaxation. For adults, coloring becomes a form of mindfulness, a creative meditation of sorts, and the surprising images that AI can generate add an element of novelty that keeps the activity fresh and appealing.

Benefits and Potential of AI-Generated Coloring Pages

Perhaps the most impressive potential of AI-generated coloring pages lies in its ability to stimulate creativity and foster a love for art. With technologically advanced algorithms producing creative designs or relatable characters, the process of coloring becomes immersive and enticing. It equips children and adults with a broad creative outlook, encouraging them to think beyond predefined lines and colors.


To sum it up, AI-generated coloring pages are the perfect amalgamation of technology, art, and creativity. They serve as a versatile creative outlet, providing entertainment and learning for children and offering relaxation and mindfulness for adults. As technology continues to evolve, the potential for AI-generated coloring pages grows, promising infinite possibilities in the realm of artistic expression. Whether you love coloring as a hobby or use it as a relaxation technique, AI-generated coloring pages are an exciting opportunity to explore the beautiful blend of art and technology.