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Doberman Pinscher

Dog coloring pages

January 9, 2024

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A coloring page of Doberman Pinscher

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11 Things to Do with Dog Coloring Pages

If your kids love dogs and are fond of coloring, then our Doberman Pinscher coloring pages are just what you need. However, did you know there are other creative ways to use these coloring pages too? Let’s explore together.

1. DIY Wall-art

Turn the completed Doberman Pinscher coloring pages into beautiful wall-art! Invest a little time in enhancing the output using glitters, stickers, or other craft supplies. Frame them nicely and hang them in your kid’s room to boost their creativity.

2. Personalized Greetings

Why buy a greeting card when you can make one right at home? Let your kids color the Doberman Pinscher pages and cut them out to paste onto a sturdy cardboard. Personal touch? Check. Saving a buck or two? Check.

3. Puzzle Pizzazz

Upgrade your regular jigsaw puzzles with these unique Doberman Pinscher coloring sheets. Cut them into multiple shapes once done with coloring, shuffle them up, and now you’ve got a fun, tailor-made puzzle to solve!

4. Storyboards

With several Doberman Pinscher coloring pages, kids can create their own doggy adventure stories. Have them color these adorable pages, arrange them in a sequence they want and voila! They have their own customized storyboard.

5. Memory Game

Print two sets of same Doberman Pinscher coloring pages, color them, cut into a uniform size, and it’s set! Make your child’s study time fun with this lovely memory game!

6. DIY Magnets

Children love having their work displayed. So why not let them create some DIY refrigerator magnets. Color the dog pages, stick them onto a sheet of magnet, cut it out in the shape of the colored dog and stick it on the fridge.

7. Coaster Art

Tired of the same old coasters? Use finished Doberman Pinscher coloring pages to design unique ones. Stick the colored page onto a small-sized ceramic tile, seal it with a layer of mod podge, and you have custom doggie coasters!

8. Create your own Bookmarks

Turn your child’s Doberman Pinscher coloring pages into bookmarks! It’s a simple project that makes reading fun and promotes creativity at the same time.

9. Decorative Wrapping Paper

Turn your child’s art into an eco-friendly wrapping paper. Just color the pages, let them dry completely and you are ready to wrap & roll!

10. Customized Stationery

With a little glue and creativity, use Doberman Pinscher coloring pages to cover up notebooks or make unique pencil box designs. This can be a great back-to-school project.

11. Scrap Booking

Scrap booking is a beautiful way to preserve memories. Use the colored Doberman Pinscher pages as delightful inserts in your child’s scrapbook, adding a personal touch to it.

So, why wait? Dive in and explore these craft ideas with your kids using our engaging Doberman Pinscher coloring pages. Happy Crafting!

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