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Surprised Pikachu

Pikachu coloring pages

January 9, 2024

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A coloring page of Surprised Pikachu

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15 Fun Things to Do with Pikachu Coloring Pages

Who doesn’t love Pikachu? This adorable Pokemon has been stealing our hearts for years and, now, he can be part of your everyday activities with his Surprised Pikachu coloring pages. Here are 15 exciting ways you can utilize these coloring pages.

1. Decorate a Kids Room

Surprised Pikachu coloring pages can be used to brighten up your children’s room. Let your kids show off their coloring skills, and decorate their space with their favorite character!

2. Personalized Birthday Invitations

Use Pikachu coloring pages as birthday invitations. Kids would love coloring them and sending them out to their friends. Make every invite unique with different shades of Pikachu.

3. Pikachu-themed Party

Elevate your child’s Pikachu-themed party to the next level. Use colored pages as placemats, party favors or as part of the decorations.

4. Coloring Book Exchange

Encourage your kids to swap their colored pages with friends. It would foster a sense of sharing and would be a fun activity to keep them engaged.

5. Classroom Activity

Teachers can introduce Surprised Pikachu coloring pages as a fun and creative classroom activity that stimulates the kids’ imagination.

6. Creative Wall Art

Create a personalized wall art, frame your colored pages and arrange a wall gallery. Pikachu would cheer up any wall!

7. Pikachu Diary

Use finished coloring pages as beautiful diary covers or as dividers for different sections in a binder or notebook.

8. Pikachu Bookmark

Cut out Pikachu figures from the pages to make cute bookmarks. Reading can now become way more fun with Pikachu as a reading companion!

9. Pikachu Paper Craft

Cut out Pikachu figures after coloring, fold them and create a 3D Pikachu. Let your creativity run wild with this fun paper craft activity.

10. Create a Pikachu Story

Create your Pikachu-centered story and use colored pages as illustrations. A fun and educational activity for your little author!

11. Lounge Or Bedroom Decor

Grown-up Pokemon fans can also make use of these coloring pages. Add them to your decor for a touch of nostalgia!

12. Decoupage Crafts

You can cut out colored Pikachu figures and add them on top of other items like a box or table for a pop of color and fun.

13. Pikachu Scrapbooking

Decorate your scrapbook pages with Pikachu figures. Happy or surprised, every Pikachu can add joy to your memories.

14. Pokemon Gift Wrap

Colour Pikachu, cut them out, stick them onto gift wrap paper. Voila! You have a personalized Pokemon gift wrap!

15. Pikachu Cards

Make Pikachu thank you cards or birthday cards. Everyone, adults and kids alike, would appreciate these cute artsy cards.

Surprised Pikachu coloring pages can bring hours of fun and creativity. Try out these activities and add more Pikachu joy to your life!

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