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Summer coloring pages

January 10, 2024

Click the button below to download and print this summer coloring page. All of our coloring pages are free to download and print!

A coloring page of Summer

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7 Things to do with Summer Coloring Pages

Sunny day activities and summer holidays are made even better with a set of vibrant summer coloring pages. Here are seven creative ways to enjoy them with the kiddos.

1. Create a Summer Journal

Use your summer coloring pages to start a summer journal with your little ones. Allow them to color a new page daily and then paste it into a scrapbook. This is not only an enjoyable and creative outlet, but also a way to record their summer adventures and memories.

2. Throw a Coloring Party

Invite some neighborhood kids over for a summer coloring party. Just print a bunch of summer coloring pages and watch the joy as the children bring the pages alive with colors. What’s better than a party filled with creativity, fun and a sense of accomplishment?

3. Encourage Storytelling

Use your summer coloring pages as a starting point for storytelling. After your child colors a page, have them narrate a story based on their creation. This can initiate a lifelong love of storytelling and also improve language skills.

4. Decorate Your Fridge

Who doesn’t love a fridge that bursts with creativity and color? Replace those drab magnetic letters with a lively collection of summer coloring pages. It’s an engaging and fun activity that can light up any dull space.

5. Create Personalized Placemats

Turn your summer coloring pages into personalized placemats. Laminate the colored pages and transform them into unique table decorations. The kids will love seeing their artwork displayed every mealtime!

6. Craft Summer Greeting Cards

Use your summer coloring pages to make customized greeting cards. Encourage your kids to send these to friends, relatives, or teachers to spread a little summer happiness. It’s not just a crafting activity, it could also teach kids the value of sharing and appreciating others.

7. Frame Them as Artwork

Last but not least, why not frame your favorite summer coloring pages as pieces of art? This economical idea can bring a fresh summer vibe into your home decor, and makes for a great keepsake of your child’s creativity.

As you can see, there are so many things to do with summer coloring pages. They provide endless hours of fun, creativity and learning opportunities. Have a colorful summer!

Want to get creative? Try making your own coloring page here:

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