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Turkey coloring pages

January 10, 2024

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A coloring page of Turkey

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19 Things to Do with Turkey Coloring Pages

Who says turkey coloring pages should only come out in November? Meet the colorful ways to utilize the pages all year round. It’s time to unleash your creativity with these 19 innovative and fun DIY ideas!

1. Festive Thanksgiving Décor

Bringing your turkey coloring pages to life can develop into something extraordinary. They can add a fun homemade touch to your Thanksgiving decorations. You can hang colored pages around your house for a traditional and nostalgic vibe.

2. Fun Greeting Cards

Did you know that your coloring pages can turn into beautiful greeting cards? Add an extra personal touch to your next birthday, thank you, or holiday card by including a hand-colored turkey!

3. Entertaining Placemats

Colored turkey pages can become unique placemats, providing enjoyment for your guest during meal times. They are a perfect conversation starter and can double as a centerpiece on your dinner table.

4. Paper Toys for Kids

Children will absolutely adore paper toys made from turkey coloring pages! They can participate in the making process, providing a wonderful opportunity to improve their motor skills.

5. Artistic Book Covers

Designing a book cover using these colored pages is another fantastic idea! Not only will it make your book distinct, but it will also infuse a flavor of your personality into it.

6. Creative Collages

Create unique collages using the turkey coloring pages. Combining different elements can result in a wonderful piece of art. Frame your final creation and let it be a masterpiece on your home’s wall.

7. Personalized Gift Tags

Who wouldn’t love a gift that comes with a tag made out of a beautifully colored turkey coloring page?

8. Fun-filled Game Props

These pages, when colored, can become game props or point cards for fun-filled family events such as treasure hunts or themed parties.

9. Artful Posters

Use turkey coloring pages for an enlarger poster. It’s a great way to display your creativity on a grand scale.

10. Eye-catching Party Invitations

Impress your friends with your handmade party invitations using these pages!

11. Decorative Lanterns

Apply a little extra crafting, and you can transform your colored pages into decorative lanterns for any festive season.

12. DIY Bookmarks

Your beautifully artistic turkey coloring pages can become something functional – like bookmarks. A great gift idea for the avid readers in your life!

13. Cool Fridge Magnets

Gather some magnet strips and turn your coloring pages into cool fridge magnets. A great activity for kids!

14. Decoupage Art

Utilize your turkey coloring pages in this French art style. Decoupage your colored pages onto a piece of furniture or decorative object for a surprising transformation.

15. Paper Jewellery

Turn your turkey coloring pages into cute paper jewellery. Make durable and wearable art!

16. Handmade Scrapbook

Integrate these pages into your scrapbooking. It will bring a warm touch to your memories.

17. Custom Envelopes

Create custom envelopes for your letters. Each one will become special and heartfelt.

18. DIY Wall Art

Your coloring page can become a frame-worthy piece of wall art. An inexpensive way to brighten up your living space!

19. Paper Origami

Try your hand at origami using these pages. It’s a fun and relaxing activity which also doubles as a decoration!

There you have it, 19 unique ways to turn your turkey coloring pages into something magical. With these ideas, coloring turkeys won’t just be an activity; it will be an adventure!

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