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Nativity Scene

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A coloring page of Nativity Scene

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12 Things to Do with Christmas Coloring Pages

Get ready for a holiday season filled with festive fun, creativity, and coloring! Coloring is not just an enjoyable pastime for children, but it can also be an excellent stress-reliever for adults. So let’s explore our charming selection of Nativity Scene coloring pages and discover how you can make your Christmas merrier with the magic of colors.

1. Christmas Cards

Why buy expensive seasonal cards when you can create your own unique ones with our delightful Nativity Scene coloring pages? Have a fun-filled family activity by coloring, cutting, and pasting these designs on a cardstock to create personalized Christmas cards.

2. Window Decorations

Add a festive flair to your windows by hanging your colored pages as decorations. Their vivid splashes of color will be truly eye-catching, especially when the light shines through.

3. Advent Calendar

Try a creative twist on the traditional advent calendar. Instead of candies, use colored Nativity Scene coloring pages. You’ll not only enjoy the countdown but also experience the joy of creating a distinctive holiday masterpiece each day.

4. Christmas Ornaments

Color these pages and transform them into unique ornaments for your Christmas tree. Simply cut out your coloring, glue it onto sturdy cardstock or cardboard and add a ribbon loop at the top.

5. Placemats

Give your holiday table a personal touch with custom placemats from your colored Nativity Scene coloring pages. Be sure to laminate them first to protect them from spills or mess. Enjoy your festive feast on these special, homemade pieces.

6. Gift Tags

Add a special touch to your gifts – use the colored pages as gift tags. These custom, hand-colored tags will definitely show your love and thoughtfulness in gift-giving.

7. Storybook

You could also turn your Nativity Scene coloring pages into a custom storybook about the birth of Jesus. This will not only showcase your artistic talents but also help children understand the true meaning of Christmas in a beautiful way.

8. Wrapping Paper

Who says wrapping paper has to be store-bought? Show your creative side by using your colored pages as unique, personalized wrapping paper.


These colored pages can also be made into one-of-a-kind bookmarks. Just cut out your favorite designs, punch a hole at the top, and add a ribbon or tassel.

10. Picture Frames

Picture frames made from colored pages can add a warm, festive touch to your holiday pictures. You’ll cherish these homemade keepsakes for years to come.

11. Nativity Display

Use your colored Nativity Scene pages to create a beautiful Nativity display showcasing the real Christmas story. This will become a truly wonderful addition to your holiday decorations.

12. Fridge Magnets

Lastly, these colored pages can be used to create stylish fridge magnets. These will not just add a festive touch to your kitchen, but will also become a treasure trove of memories.

We hope these ideas inspire you to add a colorful touch to your Christmas celebrations using our Nativity Scene coloring pages. Bring out your colored pencils, set your creativity free and enjoy the season of joy!

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