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21 Monster coloring pages

Check out our collection of 21 Monster coloring pages that are free to download and print!

To get started, simply click on the coloring sheet thumbnail you want to color below and then download the image to your computer. You can then print it to color as many times as you like!

All of our coloring pages are formatted as PNG files, and will fit on standard US Letter size or A4 paper sizes.

Some favorites that you may want to check out are Party Monster Coloring Fun, Cute Alien with Big Eyes Coloring Page or Monster Coloring Page: Bobo the Friendly Beast! Scroll down to see them all.

Happy coloring!

PS - looking to get even more creative? Collect your favorite coloring sheets and print them as a custom personalized coloring book!

1) Krampus in the Wilderness Coloring Page

Look at this cool drawing of a big, scary monster with long claws and sharp horns! The background has mountains and trees, making it look like the monster is living in a spooky forest.

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Try Spiderman at the Grand Canyon or Stained Glass Elsa!

2) Fire-Breathing Dragon Coloring Page

There’s a fierce dragon blowing fire! It has big claws and lots of cool, spiky scales all over its body.

3) Intricate Demon with Ram Horns Coloring Page

Look at this cool dragon with big, curly horns and lots of detailed patterns covering its face and neck! It looks like something straight out of an exciting fantasy story, ready for you to color and bring to life!

4) Ferocious Dragon Monster Coloring Page

Check out this awesome coloring page of an epic dragon with huge wings, sharp claws, and lots of cool details on its scales! The dragon looks powerful and fierce, just waiting for you to bring it to life with your favorite colors.

5) Monstrous Skeletons: Nightmarish Creatures Coloring Page

These coloring pages show two super cool, spooky skeleton monsters with lots of sharp claws and scary details! They look like they are from a creepy adventure story, ready to be colored in with your favorite pencils or markers.

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Not sure what to try?
Try Spiderman at the Grand Canyon or Stained Glass Elsa!

6) Eldritch Tentacle Monster Coloring Page

The coloring page shows a big, scary creature with lots of twisty, wiggly tentacles. The monster has a huge mouth with sharp teeth and looks super cool to color in!

7) Chaotic Hydra’s Wrath Coloring Page

Whoa, this coloring page shows a super cool monster with lots of twisty tentacles and scary heads! It looks like an awesome creature ready for an exciting adventure, and you can use bright colors to make it look even more amazing!

8) Friendly Monster and Spiders Coloring Fun

There's a big, hairy monster with one eye and huge claws, along with some cute little spiders around it. The monster has a super fun and goofy smile, making it look friendly instead of scary!

9) Color the Multi-Eyed Monster!

Coloring this cool creature named Monster-Eyes is so much fun because it has tons of eyes and wavy tentacles, making it look super creepy but exciting. The picture includes a colored version with yellow eyes and dark fur, and you can use the green, red, and gray colors to make your version awesome!

10) Bubble-Scaled Monster Frenzy Coloring Page

Check out this awesome coloring page featuring two big, spiky monsters with long, sharp teeth and cool, swirly patterns all over their bodies. The monster on the left is waiting for you to color it, while the one on the right is all filled in with black, showing off its fierce look!

11) Fuzzy’s Rainbow Adventure Coloring Page

Look at this happy, fuzzy monster with big, cute eyes walking under a rainbow! The picture has fun details like a pencil, flowers, and even a planet, which makes it super exciting to color.

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Not sure what to try?
Try Spiderman at the Grand Canyon or Stained Glass Elsa!

12) Bubbly the Monster’s Book Reading Adventure

Check out this fun coloring page! It features a very cute, big-eyed monster named Squiggly, sitting happily and reading a book, surrounded by lots of cool patterns and swirls that you can color in any way you want!

13) Monster Holding a Flower Coloring Page

Gerbert, the cute monster, is holding a big, happy flower in his hand. His large, round eyes make him look super friendly and fun to color!

14) Skateboarding Fluffy Cat Adventure

Meet the cutest fluffy kitty skateboarding with swirls of fur and clouds around it. The big, shiny eyes and intricate curly patterns make the page super fun and exciting to color.

15) Cupcake Monster’s Sweet Treat

Meet a friendly cyclops monster holding a big, yummy cupcake topped with cherries! The monster looks happy and has fun patterns on its arms and body, making it a super cool picture to color.

16) Musical Monster Jamming Session

Check out this awesome coloring page of a happy monster playing a guitar! The monster has one big eye, horns, a tail, and lots of fun patterns all over its body.

17) Milo the Friendly Monster Coloring Page

Look at that happy monster with big eyes and a huge smile wearing a fancy bow tie! It looks so friendly and is waving hello, just waiting for you to color it in!

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Not sure what to try?
Try Spiderman at the Grand Canyon or Stained Glass Elsa!

18) Furry Monster and Balloon Coloring Page

A cute, furry monster with one big eye is holding a balloon in this fun coloring page. The monster has little horns and looks super friendly and ready to play!

19) Party Monster Coloring Fun

Check out this cute, big-eyed owl wearing a fun party hat! The patterns and details on its feathers and hat make it super fun to color with lots of different pens or markers.

20) Cute Alien with Big Eyes Coloring Page

Meet this funny character with big, round eyes that seem to sparkle with excitement. It has wiggly tentacle-like hair and two bouncy antennae with extra eyes on top!

21) Monster Coloring Page: Bobo the Friendly Beast

Imagine a cute little monster named Googly with big round eyes, a wide smile, and funny horns on his head. He has tiny claws on his hands and feet, making him look extra cool and ready for adventure!

8 Craft Ideas to do with Monster Coloring Pages

Are you looking for fun and creative ways to use monster coloring pages? Here are 8 craft ideas that both kids and adults will enjoy!

1. 3D Monster Art

Take your monster coloring pages to the next level by turning them into 3D art. After coloring your page, cut out the monster and glue it to a piece of cardboard or foam board. Then, add some dimension by gluing on pom poms, pipe cleaners, or other craft supplies for the monster’s features. This is a great way to add some personality and creativity to your monster coloring page.

2. Monster Mobile

Create a whimsical mobile by coloring and cutting out multiple monster coloring pages. Punch a hole in the top of each monster and thread a piece of yarn through. Tie the yarn to a embroidery hoop or a branch to create a mobile that will add a touch of fun to any room.

3. Monster Garland

Another great decoration idea is to create a monster garland. Color and cut out multiple monsters, then punch a hole in the top of each one. String them together with ribbon or twine to create a festive garland that can be hung up for any occasion.

4. Monster Masks

Get crafty and create monster masks by coloring and cutting out monster coloring pages. Attach a popsicle stick or a piece of string to the bottom of the mask so you can wear it. This is a great activity for a monster-themed party or Halloween.

5. Monster Puppets

Another fun activity for kids is to create monster puppets. Color and cut out monster coloring pages, then attach them to popsicle sticks or straws. Put on a puppet show and let your imagination run wild!

6. Monster Collage

Create a unique piece of art by making a monster collage. Color and cut out different monster body parts from various coloring pages, then arrange them on a piece of paper or canvas to create your own one-of-a-kind monster.

7. Monster Origami

Try your hand at monster origami by folding your colored monster coloring pages into different shapes. This is a great activity for adults who want to add some creativity to their desk space.

8. Monster Journal

Create a monster-themed journal by coloring and cutting out monster coloring pages, then attaching them to the front and back of a blank journal. This is a great way to add some personality to your journal and make it your own.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. The possibilities are endless when it comes to crafting with monster coloring pages. So grab some crayons, markers, or colored pencils and let your creativity shine!