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1 Gnome coloring pages

Check out our collection of 1 Gnome coloring pages that are free to download and print!

To get started, simply click on the coloring sheet thumbnail you want to color below and then download the image to your computer. You can then print it to color as many times as you like!

All of our coloring pages are formatted as PNG files, and will fit on standard US Letter size or A4 paper sizes.

Some favorites that you may want to check out are Gnome Adventure Coloring Page! Scroll down to see them all.

Happy coloring!

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1) Gnome Adventure Coloring Page

Look at this fun coloring page of a cheerful gnome with a tall hat and a long, bushy beard! His big smile and cute boots make him look like he's ready for an adventure in a magical garden.

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11 Craft Ideas to do with Gnome Coloring Pages

Gnomes are magical and whimsical creatures that can add a touch of enchantment to any coloring page. Once you’ve finished coloring in your gnome, why not turn it into a fun and creative craft project? Here are 11 ideas to get you started, suitable for both kids and adults.

1. Gnome Bookmark

Cut out your colored gnome and glue it to a piece of cardstock or construction paper. Add a slit to the top of the paper, and you’ve got a cute and functional bookmark!

2. Gnome Mobile

Cut out several gnomes and punch a hole in the top of each one. Thread a piece of string or yarn through the holes, and you’ve got a whimsical mobile to hang in a child’s room or play area.

3. Gnome Garland

Cut out a bunch of gnomes and glue them to a long piece of ribbon or twine. Hang the garland across a mantel or window for a pop of color and fun.

4. Gnome Puppet

Cut out a gnome and glue it to a craft stick or straw. Add some yarn for hair and voila – you’ve got a puppet to put on a show with!

5. Gnome Suncatcher

Cut out a gnome and glue it to a piece of contact paper. Add some tissue paper squares to the back of the contact paper, and then cover it with another piece of contact paper. Cut out the gnome shape, punch a hole in the top, and hang it in a sunny window to create a beautiful suncatcher.

6. Gnome Magnets

Cut out several gnomes and glue them to small magnets. Use them to decorate your fridge or any other metal surface.

7. Gnome Wall Art

Cut out a large gnome and glue it to a piece of canvas or heavy paper. Add some embellishments like buttons or glitter, and hang it on the wall as a fun piece of art.

8. Gnome Notecards

Cut out several gnomes and glue them to blank notecards. Add a personalized message and send them to friends and family.

9. Gnome Ornaments

Cut out several gnomes and glue them to small pieces of wood or cardboard. Add a string or ribbon to the top, and use them as festive ornaments.

10. Gnome Journal Covers

Cut out a gnome and glue it to the front of a blank journal or notebook. Add some embellishments like stickers or washi tape, and you’ve got a unique and personalized journal.

11. Gnome Window Clings

Cut out several gnomes and glue them to contact paper, with the sticky side facing out. Cut out the gnome shapes, and you’ve got fun window clings to decorate any glass surface.